In modern days, people live in environments where it is harder to consume calories compared to before. For example, air conditioning in summer and heating in winter made our lives more comfortable, but as a consequence we consume fewer calories to maintain our temperature. Also more people commute by car and work in environments where they don’t exert much energy. The food people eat everyday mainly consists of three major nutrients: carbohydrates (= non-fiber carbohydrates + dietary fiber), protein, and fat. Among them, it is the non-fiber carbohydrates component in carbohydrates that we intake the most and leave largely unconsumed. While non-fiber carbohydrates remain, dietary fiber is expelled from our bodies.

Non-fiber carbohydrates turn into glucose and other materials that are converted into energy. However, unconsumed non-fiber carbohydrates get stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen. Excess non-fiber carbohydrates are turned into fat and accumulates in our internal organs, at worst it is remained into blood.
Pan de Slim is a wheat flour alternative. Foods made with Pan de Slim taste great because our product consists mainly of roasted wheat bran, wheat gluten, resulting in 90% less carbs than wheat flour. Pan de Slim is a great way to reduce your carb intake without sacrificing your favorite foods.


We’ve all heard it: we need to eat more fiber. But why is it so important? Unlike other food components, fiber is not digested by our bodies. This means a healthy workout for our stomach, intestines and colon. When we reduce our carb intake, we consequently reduce our fiber intake, because fiber is contained in Carb.
Pan de Slim contains 13 times more dietary fiber than wheat flour.


Our bodies convert proteins into amino acids, principal elements for healthy muscles and blood. Proteins also become enzymes and other essential components to keep us healthy. It is also important that as you reduce calorie intake you preserve your protein intake in order to maintain muscle integrity and to provide enough energy for your body. With less muscle, the body may not burn as many calories. Pan de Slim is fortified with wheat protein, giving it 5 times more protein than wheat flour.

Mineral & Vitamin

Wheat bran is an abundant source of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, as well as vitamins such as Vitamin B, folic acid, Niacin, Pantothenic acid. Pan de Slim includes 11 times the magnesium compared to wheat flour.